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Advisory Services

Improve your profitability, increase your competitive advantage

Etlia’s advisory services include different knowledge management processes, audits, system updates and other solutions that grow your profitability and enhance your competitive advantages. Contact us and let’s discuss your company’s situation and needs. From there, we will start building a functioning plan towards the set goals. Contact us!

Our advisory services

  • Architecture planning
    • Advice on data models of analytics solution data systems and larger architectures.
  • Knowledge Management
    • Knowledge management means utilising data and making the analysed data a part of decision-making processes.
    • The next generation of knowledge management: analysing actual behaviour and being pre-emptive instead of making decisions based on historical data.
  • System audits
    • Evaluating the implemented system (typically implemented by someone else) and making development suggestions.
  • Project audits​
    • Evaluating the working methods of a project (typically implemented by someone else) and making development suggestions.
  • System updates
    • Advice on system version updates and technology changes.
  • Advise on management models and implementation
    • Planning and implementing system maintenance processes.
  • Roadmaps
    • Carrying out and advising on long-term development plans for analytics systems.
  • Performance optimisation
    • Development proposals to optimize system performance.