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Analytics services  Project deliveries

Business Intelligence and other project solutions

Analytics specialist Etlia offers you everything you need in an agile manner

We offer a variety of solutions for analytics, BI and data storage projects, especially within the following areas:

  • Business Intelligence (utilising and refining business data)
    • Editing and combining data
      • Data from the company’s operative (or other) systems are edited into a uniform format that is optimised for reporting.
    • Data storage
      • The edited data are saved and stored in a uniform format that is optimised for reporting.
    • Data visualisation and reporting
      • Data are visualised on the report in a format that is easy to understand and supports decision-making.
  • Advanced analytics
    • Data science
      • We strive to identify and analyse the actual event or phenomenon with statistical methods, data analysis, machine learning and related methods.
    • Machine learning
      • Utilising machine learning algorithms to produce prognoses and support decision-making.
    • Data mining
      • A group of methods, such as clustering and correlations, to discover the essential data from large masses of data.
  • Planning, budgeting and prognosis models
    • Data systems that have been built to support the company’s planning, budgeting and prognosis processes (advanced analytics not typically used here). For example, users can input sales prognosis data onto a system that divides the input data into a sales budget on a product-specific and monthly level, based on the realised sales from the previous year.

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