Business solutions at Etlia:


For Etlia, being agile means first and foremost:

  • Ensuring functionality.
  • Direct communications and constantly transparent operations.
  • Continuously developing our operating methods to improve the way they correspond to project and customer needs.
  • Quick reactions to changes.
  • Regular result updates.

Even our delivery methods are agile, which leads to the following benefits for the customer:

  • Our operations allow for more changes during the different phases of the project.
  • Decisions made during the definition phase are not definitive.
  • Presentations ensure less surprises.
  • The possibility to affect the end result throughout the entire project.


We exist because of our customers and we genuinely listen to them. We learn from our customers and are glad to share what we have learned and how we think things are done in the best possible way. We constantly collaborate with the customer—this is how we form a top-level team together.


Etlia’s employees do things that they are truly good at and that they genuinely enjoy. We are extremely motivated to carry out our tasks just a little bit better than others do. Our objective is for our customers to work more effectively—we support our customers in making their business more effective. The best motivators for us are satisfied customers and good results from our operations.


We are consistently the first to adopt and introduce the latest technical capabilities. We regularly familiarise ourselves with the freshest tech trends, methods and products. We put a lot of effort into learning to use the new products our own collaboration partners introduce. We make choices that ensure the safe application of the latest technologies as well as the suitability with genuine business requirements and the existing data system architecture.

Get to know our services and contact us. Let’s plan together how we could rearrange your business solutions to be better than before!